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This week, I was invited to speak at some awesome organizations and share the Fields to Families story with a new audience. Before I really get into some of the awesome places I have been, I’d like to leave this personal anecdote with you. Yesterday, I shared a sandwich with my little brother, he’s 8, and I had it filled with all of the veggies possible. He’s kind of picky, so I waited for him to pick somethings out, but he has come to find that it’s much easier to eat something than picking it out — especially as tedious as sandwich accouterments!

As he is munching on this spectacular sammy, from Publix might I add, he says, “Did you hear that?” I said, “What are you talking about? The crunch?” His response was, “Yeah!” I shared that with my friends and one replied, “Crunchy veggies, the way they are meant to be eaten.” It’s a simple moment, but a marvel because we take these moments for granted. Kids do not think twice about what they are eating and are more often, than naught, stuffing their face with whatever is placed in front of them while watching TV in the kitchen. Parents, guardians, babysitters, nannies, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings: We are very responsible for this. Lead by example and make a difference.

Monday at Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina

I was able to introduce Fields to Families to girls from different troops. Together we brainstormed all of the many opportunities to work together. They have a tough decision ahead of them when it’s time to pick a Take Action project. We highlighted nutrition and ways to get in the community and ways to get our hands dirty.

On Tuesday, I spent the morning at the Kids Alive Summer Camp, on 1 Cooper St. There the kids were learning about staying healthy and preventing diabetes. I must say how impressed I was of their facility, it used to be an old incinerator for the Cigar Factory, and now it fuels dreams! I spoke to 3 groups, about 60 kids, and rewarded them with silly bands and coloring books. We talked about what was nutritious and where some fresh foods are. Surprisingly, many were not aware of the Farmer’s Market on Saturday in Marion Square. They gave me more ideas on how to spread the F2F message and were enthusiastic to talk about their favorite summer fruits and veggies ūüôā It took us awhile to identify things they liked to eat and finding some healthier options. I told them as a rule, anything that makes your hands greasy is probably not healthy. Once we got on the right track, they were telling me about their home gardens and the garden they are planting at the 1 Cooper location.

Phyllis and I, along with Amy Dabbs from the Clemson Extension, were able to visit with the Junior League of Charleston as well. We have prefaced some needs in our gardens and will be kicking off a community partnership with them very soon. There are so many exciting things to come and a plethora of opportunities that await us. We hope you’ll join us as we grow!


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The Outreach Committee met yesterday to map out a plan to fight Childhood Obesity.  They are planning activities for children five to twelve years old. 

They plan to use various methods of reaching children of all backgrounds with varying meaningful themes and techniques¬†¬†¬† Their main theme is ‚ÄėHappiness is Healthiness‚Äô .¬† The committe¬†will collaborate with local agency to address the critical issue of childhood obesity.

The next meeting is April 11th at 5 PM.  Caitlin Jones is chairing this committee.  Please contact info@fieldstofamilies.org if you are interested in joining this group or want more information.

Volunteer opportunities this week:
The Contentment Springs Team will be notified by email regarding the next work date.  If you would like to be placed on a list for either the Contentment Springs (Johns Island) work team or the Whole Foods/Fields to Families  (Moncks Corner) team, please let me know at info@fieldstofamilies.org

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Please join us for the ‚ÄúSpreading the Love‚ÄĚ Vegan Cooking Workshop, February 14, 7:30 p.m., at the Jivamukti Yoga Studio in Mt. Pleasant.

What a great and compassionate way to celebrate Valentine’s Day ‚ÄĒ with an amazing workshop on vegan cooking! Our friend Mimi Rose, certified nutritional health counselor and certified yoga instructor, is offering this class for $10 a person, with proceeds benefitting Fields to Families.

This event is perfect if you are vegan, considering becoming vegan, don’t know what vegan is, or just want to diversify your cooking repertoire to a healthily decadent alternative. Come experience how delicious and easy cooking vegan is! In this class, you’ll learn about the best products and produce, sample from a tasting menu, and cook to your heart’s delight!

To learn more or register for the event, please check out the¬†Vegan Cooking Workshop Flyer or visit the “Events” page on Jivamukti Yoga Studio’s website.

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Morgan O’Donnel, a girl scout in Brownie Troop #316, submitted this poster in the Fields to Families "Everybody Eats" Poster Contest.

Morgan O’Donnel, a girl scout in Brownie Troop #316, submitted this poster in the Fields to Families "Everybody Eats" Poster Contest.

This month, several local girl scouts demonstrated their creativity and imagination around the topic of nutrition when they submitted artwork in the Fields to Families ‚ÄúEverybody Eats‚ÄĚ Poster Contest.

These posters were a delight to receive, and we wanted to share them with our supporters. You can find pictures of all of the posters on our flickr page, and you can also view them posted around town.

The Poster Contest was developed by Fields to Families as part of its nutrition program to encourage youth to think about making smart food selections. (more…)

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¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Fields to Families new program “Cooking Green” will convert your unhealthy favorite recipt to a healthier one!¬† Just send us that ‘sinfully’ delicious recipe and we will send it back to you in a healthier form.¬† Go¬†to our website, click on ‘contact us’, fill out the form and copy your recipe into the comment portion.
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† That’s it.¬†¬† Here’s to “Green Eating!”

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Thanks to your efforts, we have now distributed more than 72,500 pounds of fresh produce to area soup kitchens, shelters and emergency food pantries this year.

We are now between growing seasons and  local farmers have no vegetables to pick.  If you have not already done so, please submit a volunteer form on our website, so that you can be notified when crops are available.   When they are, I will send you an email so that we can schedule you to pick on a day that is convenient for you.

While we wait for the growing season to begin, please consider joining one of our other programs.  We are having an organizational meeting at the Charleston Library on Calhoun Street on October 16th at 6 pm to implement our health and nutrition program.  Through this program, we plan to supplement the fresh produce we give to agencies by providing nutritional information or food safety tips or recipes to clients and staff of the shelters, food pantries and soup kitchen we serve.  We hope to be able to provide some physical activities as well.  Please sign up for this exciting project even if you can’t attend the organizational meeting.

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